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The latest addition to the UNESCO Collection of World Heritage Sites - When you think of a desert, the beach waters are probably the last thing that come to mind. The Namibian Coastal desert exists on the west coast of Namibia despite the cool coastal waters of the Atlantic ocean. As absurd as it may sound, it is true! Namibia, Africa is where the desert meets the sea.

Wedged between the Kalahari desert and South Atlantic ocean, Namibia enjoys the best of both worlds. The cold waters of the Atlantic ocean sloshing against the hot sand dunes is almost an illusory panorama. Home to some of the most stunning sand dunes in the world, its colours vary from an array of a blurred pink to a vivid orange, and golden sands. While the sea coast extends for hundreds of miles, one of the best places to watch the sea and sand is Swakopmund.

The central semi-arid mountains and vast stretches of the Kalahari desert make this place inhabitable by only the fearless. Although its a relatively large country, it is scarcely populated.

Not only does it pride a sandscape and seascape, but also mountains, wildlife, and old colonial cities. With its staggering diversity of cultures and origins, Namibia is a photographers paradise.





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